740 Business Administration for Exchange Students - one year or fall/spring semester


Internationalisation is a focus area at Telemark University College. The course options reflect a desire to include international students in the Telemark University College's academic program, as well as to provide the opportunity for Norwegian students to do parts of their studies in English.

The aim of this program, which is possible to attend for a full academic year, or the fall or spring semester only, is to offer international undergratudate students an extended period of immersion into the cultural setting of academic studies at the Bø campus. The students will be exposed to the requirements of critical thinking and independent work which characterises the Norwegian academic context and, moreover, experience the personal developments involved by adjusting to a new learning culture.

Målgruppe og opptakskrav

This program is for international exchange students from our partner institutions. For more information, please visit our International Office website or contact your local coordinator.

The program is offered on a full academic year basis, as well as per fall or spring semester only.


The candidate

  • has broad knowledge of subjects such as administration, marketing and business; hereunder knowledge of important topics, theories and methods within the academic field
  • is familiar with research and development work within the field
  • can update his/her knowledge within the field
  • can reflect upon his/her academic practice
  • can apply academic knowledge and relevant results of research and development work to practical and theoretical problems and make well-founded choices
  • masters relevant scholarly tools, techniques and forms of communications
  • has insight into relevant academic and professional ethical issues
  • can plan and carry out varied assignments and projects over time, alone or as a part of a group, and in accordance with ethical requirements and principles
  • can communicate important academic matters such as theories, problems and solutions, both in writing and orally, as well as other relevant forms of communication

Studieprogrammets innhold, oppbygging og sammensetning

Business Administration for Exchange Students - Fall semester
Emnekode Emnets navn S.poeng O/V *) Studiepoeng pr. semester
  S1(H) S2(V)
5208 Internasjonal markedsføring 15,00 O 15  
6025 English for Exchange Students 7,50 V 7,5  
2622 Norway and Telemark: Regional Identity 7,50 V 7,5  
6099 The Entrepreneur and Society 7,50 V 7,5  
6097 Sustainable Tourism 7,50 V 7,5  
Sum: 30 0
*) O - Obligatorisk emne, V - Valgbare emne

Business Administration for Exchange Students - Spring semester
Emnekode Emnets navn S.poeng O/V *) Studiepoeng pr. semester
  S1(H) S2(V)
6052 Internasjonale forretningsforhold 7,50 O   7,5
6093 Nordic Model 7,50 O   7,5
6027 Sustainability Management 7,50 V   7,5
2623 Norway and Telemark: Social and Cultural
7,50 V   7,5
6050 English for Exchange Students 7,50 V   7,5
Sum: 0 30
*) O - Obligatorisk emne, V - Valgbare emne

The courses are offered in English and are mainly at upper division undergraduate level.

Arbeids- og læringsformer

This program is both offered as a full academic year of study (60 ECTS credits) and also for the fall semester (30 ECTS) and spring semester (30 ETCS) seperately. Examinations are normally scheduled in December and in May.

Learning methods include lecturers, group work seminars, tutoring, individual preparation, field work, study trips and independent study. Some courses include mandatory attendance.


Final assesments is based on a variety of tasks; papers, tests, reports, journals, oral presentations, final individual written examinations; the grade scale is from A-F; E is the last passing grade. All elements of the final grade must be passed to pass the course. Pass/No Pass applies to a few courses.

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