Viking Age and medieval Norway and Scandinavia 2630


Students will gain basic knowledge of and insight into:

  • The process of political unification and state formation in Norway and the other Scandinavian countries
  • The relation and interaction between the Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavian kingdoms
  • The impact of the Viking Age Scandinavians on their neighbours and the integration of the Nordic countries into Christian Europe
  • Social, cultural and economic developments in Scandinavia AD 700 – AD 1500


The course addresses the following main topics:

  • Sources for Viking Age and Medieval Scandinavian history and culture
  • Lands and peoples in Scandinavia
  • The political history of the Scandinavian kingdoms until c. AD 1540
  • The Pagan religion of the Scandinavians
  • Christianization and Church Organization
  • Agriculture and landownership
  • Towns and trade
  • Family and inheritance
  • Women: Ideal and reality
  • Saga literature, art and architecture
  • The demographic crisis of the Late Middle Ages
  • The reformation in the Nordic countries

Arbeids- og læringsformer

Lectures and tutorials, and a mandatory excursion / field trip.


Midterm examination: semester essay for one week (40%)

Final examination: written 4-hour examination (60%)

Minor adjustments may occur during the academic year, subject to the decision of the Dean

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