Scandinavian Film and Fiction 2632


Students will explore works in Scandinavian literary works and films in English translation. Students will be able to analyze and compare text and film as expressions of art. Further, students will develop the ability to review literary works and films critically. Aspects of the cultural context will be included.


Three (four) Scandinavian (Norwegian, Swedish and/or Danish) novels and their corresponding film adaptation(s) or films with the corresponding topic will be studied and discussed. Aspects of the cultural context will be included. All texts will be read and discussed in English (Norwegian as required)

Arbeids- og læringsformer

Aprox 2-3 hrs(week, 11-13 weeks, one semester. Lectures, discussions, film viewing, response papers pass/no pass, oral presentation, essays and mandatory and recommended readings. The language of instruction is English. Attendance minimum 80%.


1 mid-term paper 40%; final written, essay examination 60%. All assessed elements of the course must be passed to pass the course.

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