Norwegian Language: Advanced level 2609


This upper level course is highly recommended for students who desire to reinforce and intensify intermediate knowledge and language skills and gain deeper understanding of Norwegian culture, past and present. In addition to a variety of classroom activities, students will have the opportunity to engage actively in the local community.

Arbeids- og læringsformer

4 hrs/week, 13 weeks, fall semester (course is offered on a rotational basis)

Lectures, discussion, essay writing, reading and discussing literature and newspaper articles, group work, impromptu-presentations, interviews in the local community, individual study, laboratory exercises. Norwegian is the course language.


Portfolio including: 5-7 mandatory homework assignments, semester paper, two semester tests 40%; Final written/oral exam counts 60%. All assessed elements of the course must be passed to pass the course.

Det tas forbehold om mindre justeringer i planen.

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