Festival and Events Management 2085


After this course the student will be able to:

  • Develop a strategic plan designed specifically to host an event
  • Identify critical tasks required to manage, conduct and evaluate an event
  • Demonstrate ability to participate as a team member in a task critical to the success of the event
  • Outline policies and procedures
  • Create a timeline, conduct interviews, and give presentations to sponsors
  • Contribute to the successful completion of an event


  • Festivals, events and the cultural experience
  • Overview of events management
  • Managing the arts, culture and leisure experience
  • Events design and management
  • Visitor management for events
  • Service quality and managing your people
  • Implications and use of information technology within event
  • Marketing, revenue and retail operations
  • Events and destination dynamics
  • Marketing information for the events industry
  • Merchandising and retail
  • Event catering operations
  • Principals and application in ticketing and reservation management
  • Potential for revenue management
  • Policies and strategies of art and leisure event management
  • Politics, public policy and destination
  • Economics and evaluation
  • Strategic approach for the use of sponsorships in the events industry
  • Risk and decision-making

Arbeids- og læringsformer

Lectures, guest speakers, case studies, interactive project, field study.


Group project and presentation, 2 hours, 40% grade. Written final examination, 3 hours, 60% grade

Det tas forbehold om mindre justeringer i planen.

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