Examen Philosophicum (foundation course) 3524


Through the study of the history of philosophy and science and of ethical-theoretical subjects and problems, Examen philosophicum will address the general problems of reality, knowledge and humanity that have characterized our traditions, and which has therefore been crucial to western thinking in general.

The students will be provided with an introduction to central philosophical problems from ancient Greece until the present. There will be an emphasis on demonstrating how philosophical thinking consists of a systematic reflection on fundamental questions that do not necessarily have any clear answers or solutions, and how philosophy therefore has the character of a continuous debate in which it is the questions, not the answers, along with reasoning that makes the debate philosophical.

Provided with an insight into this debate, students will be able to develop their ability to reflect on themes that play a fundamental role in different areas of reality – such as science, religion, ethics and politics. At the same time, they will acquire a more reflected relationship to the conceptual premises that form the basis for dominant ideas in western culture. Fundamental problems in metaphysics/ontology, epistemology, ethics, natural philosophy and philosophy of religion will be examined.


The ongoing assessment includes written tests and/or submission of written work which counts for 40% of the final grade. The final written examination will represent 60% of the final grade. Students must achieve passing grades for both the ongoing assessment and the final examination in order to earn a final passing grade for the course. Graded marks.

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